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How to retrieve the DNA of successful completing sales from the most triumphant sales and then duplicate it to yourself?

- 硬技能:
- 软技能:(行为语言学)
从心理层面建立潜意识一致,快速达到客户舒适区 (个体和群体)
- 最优秀的销售人员是用户的心灵捕手
- 销售漏斗和销售管理:
- 管理好自己的客户,并为组织提供经营决策
- 预测和资源配置
Course Description:
- Hard Skill
From product specification to customer experience; Speak, look, shake hands, explain and influence;
- Soft Skill; (Behavioral Linguistics)
Establish the same subconscious from the psychological level; Quickly reach customer’s comfort zone; (both Individual and Group)
- The best sales person is the user’s soul catcher;
- Sales funnel and sales management
- Manage your own client and provide business decision for the organization
- Forecast and resource allocation