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It is not only a psychology course, but also a practical and effective management course for HR managers!

HR, as a talent development expert of the company, may encounter such challenges or demands. Some employees are capable, but lack of work enthusiasm. Some old staff are well-performed, but suffer a sense of burnout; Some employees are high on the go, but fall down when they fail. Some employees have great potentials, but are afraid to set high goals. Some managers are very strong in their own abilities, but team morale is not high......

In the face of these challenges, how can HR empower the managers and employees, stimulate greater potentials and activate internal drives, so as to achieve a win-win situation for the organization and individuals?

This falls in the study area of positive psychology, also known as the science of happiness. It focuses on how to enhance positive emotions, develop positive personality traits, and build positive organizations.

Research shows that employees in a happy state have higher thinking speed, memory, creativity, work efficiency and accuracy, tolerance and resistance to frustration, job engagement and job difficulty that they are willing to choose than ordinary employees. Another study shows that happy companies are better than other companies in many of the following measures: customer satisfaction is 12% higher, productivity is 16% higher, organizational productivity is 31% higher, job engagement is 32% higher, and employee job satisfaction is 46% higher.

This course will share a model of the drive in positive psychology called MPS, representing Meaning, Pleasure, and Strength. All the attendees can find their core character strengths through the evaluation, explore their core values, and learn how to get the flow experience at work, so as to turn the work into a reward!





针对HR部门同事当前面临的挑战,中国瑞典商会特此开设积极心理学课程希望能为HR同事们提供一些新的思路和启发。 此课程将由积极心理学资深培训师王阿芹讲师带领学员们重新认识积极心理学,学习积极心理学影响内驱力的经典模型,MPS,代表(Meaning)意义,(Pleasure)快乐和 (Strength)优势,通过测评找到自己的核心品格优势,挖掘自己的核心价值需求,并结合现场互动和体验这个模型如何应用在工作中帮助团队成员获得身心合一的心流体验,从而激励员工让工作本身变成一种奖赏!

线下培训名额有限, 欢迎2月10号前报名"积极心理学激发团队内驱力"的互动课堂!

Event info

Date: Febuaruay 24th, 2021

Time: 14:00 - 17:30

Price: 450 RMB/Members; 650 RMB/Non-members. ( including coffee breaks)

Venue: Jin Shang Building, Xinyuanli Xi 20, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区新源里西20号

Registration: before 12:00 PM, February 23st, 2021


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