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SwedCham Culture is a new feature of SwedCham China that aims to foster Sino-Swedish culture exchange. You can experience the beauty of Hutong in Beijing, learn how to make dumplings, write Chinese calligraphy, and even acquire essential mah-jong skills that bring you to the local. Meanwhile, SwedCham China regularly provides Swedish language courses both online and offline, through which Swedish culture and customs can be known in an interesting learning environment.

Looking for must have Chinese apps for an easier daily life in China?

  • What are the three apps that Chinese people cannot live without? What do we use them for?
  • How to ask for a VAT General Fapiao or VAT Special Fapiao?
  • Do you know what these emojis mean on WeChat when they are used by Chinese people?
  • Do you know which taxi-hailing software we can use besides Didi?
  • Did you know that in addition to intermediaries, we can also use APP to find excellent house cleaning services?
  • Did you know that in addition to the laundry shop downstairs, we can also use APP to find someone to pick up clothes, shoes, street stalls, etc. to clean them and the return them to your door?
  • Do you know which words and phrases to use to make Taobao sellers think you are more Chinese?
  • Do you know what the couriers and delivery staff say most often when they call you? How should you respond?

Swedcham China is delighted to invite teacher Lala at MandarinPro sharing some of most practical Apps for living in China. You will learn the names and functions of some useful Chinese apps most commonly used by Chinese, and understand simple usage and common expressions for making life in China more convenient and enjoyable.

Have you heard or used any of the following Chinese Apps?

Dianping大众点评 (finding and rating restaurants, hotels, museums, cinemas, activities, natural sceneries),

Didi 滴滴 (book a taxi in any city),

Taobao淘宝 (online shopping),

Eleme 饿了么 (food delivery, cleaning, services, errands),

Helijia 河狸家 (massage, manicure, private exercise classes, lashes, facial),

飞常准 (check all details for upcoming flights),

闪送 (express delivery),

and more to be revealed...

The webinar will take place in English. Through its KUDO meeting platform, Swedcham China will offer the possibility for the audience to switch to simultaneous translation into Chinese when listening to presentation.

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Event info

Date: April 13, 2022

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM, Beijing Time

Fee: 80 RMB/Member ticket; 120 RMB/Non-member ticket

Venue: A KUDO meeting link will be sent out one day before the webinar

About MandarinPro

MandarinPro is a leading school in Beijing for professionals pursuing Mandarin education.

Our instructors consist of experts from top institutions of Mandarin education, with experience ranging from teaching intensive programs to academic research in Chinese language.

We've designed and optimized our own methods of teaching Mandarin from years of academic research and experience. Our courses are designed from scratch and have been battle tested to quickly improve Mandarin language skills of all students starting from any level.

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