Main organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, we are glad to invite Nadya Liu from Linke Consulting for a six-day offline training in Suzhou on "Lean 6 sigma - Green Belt" , and this class is perfect for those who have already finished the "Lean 6 Sigma - Yellow Belt" with us previously and wish to continue learn about Lean.


Does your company often run into similar problems that recure frequently? Are your employees so occupied with firefighting that more important topics has been neglected? Do you want to solve problems more efficiently? Lean Six Sigma DMAIC is such an efficient problem-solving methodology. It provides a structured path of "Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control" and practical tools in each phase to achieve product quality improvement, process efficiency optimization, and operation cost reduction. Therefore, Lean Six Sigma has been well applied in almost all industries and the related certification has become one of the most popular certifications at workplace. Lean Six Sigma professionals are rated as four different belt levels, which from bottom up are yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master black belt. A green belt is expected to be familiar with main tools in DMAIC methodology and to lead Six Sigma projects to solve practical problems within the organization. This green belt training includes:

· Background and fundamental logic of Six Sigma DMAIC methodology

· Tools in each DMAIC phase that is required at green belt level

· Soft skills required for leading DMAIC green belt projects

· A simulated problem-solving group exercise throughout the training

· Real project case study

After fully participation, passing the final exam, and passing project evaluation, participants will receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification issued by ASQ (American Society of Quality) certified Master Black Belt.


· 六西格玛DMAIC方法论的背景和底层逻辑

· 绿带认证要求的DMAIC方法论各阶段的工具

· 领导DMAIC绿带项目所需要的软性技能

· 贯穿整个培训的问题解决的模拟练习

· 真实项目案例分析


Training Outline/课程大纲:

Please see attached file below under "Documents"

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Target Audience/目标学员

People involved in process optimization and quality improvement and the main force of problem solving in the organization, such as the key persons in the operation area, junior to mid-level managers. Functions are not required, preferably production, quality, logistics, SCM, finance, HR, customer service, etc.


Teaching Method/授课形式

Lectures, case studies, breakout sessions, student exercises



Through this course, participants will gain:

· Mindset change: participants will have a systematic, scientific and logical problem-solving mindset

· Skillset upgrade: participants will be proficient with Lean Six Sigma methodology and its tools

· Problem-solving: participants will be able to apply the methodology and tools to solve the pain point problems for the organization

· Direct project benefit: the company will obtain quantifiable benefits from the participants' projects

· Certification: qualified participants will receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification issued by ASQ certified Master Black Belt


· 思维方式转变:学员将形成系统的、科学的、逻辑化的问题解决思维方式

· 专业技能提升:学员将掌握精益六西格玛方法论及其中的工具

· 实际问题解决:学员将能够应用所学的方法论和工具解决企业中的痛点问题

· 权威资质认证:满足条件的学员将获得由ASQ认证黑带大师授予的精益六西格玛绿带证书

Trainer 讲师

Nadya Liu, Founder of Linke Consulting

ASQ Certified Master Black Belt

Bilingual Trainer of OpEx and Soft Skills

Read more about Linke Consulting here​

Date 日期

6 days in total

June 26 - 28 and July 10 - 12 , 2024

Time 时间

9:30 - 17:30, Beijing Time

Price 价格

Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 8950

Non-Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 10800

Early Bird for Members (1 person): RMB 7560 - expires on 2024-06-01

Small (3 people) & large group (10 people) tickets are also available, please contact for more info about group ticket.

Language 培训语言

The workshop will be held mainly in Chinese.



(The instructor can help explain in English if needed)

Venue 地点

Suzhou, TBD...


Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than seven business days prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for the training costs.

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