On 18th April, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China invite our members and friends for a full-day training in Suzhou (苏州)about Total Quality Management (TQM).


This course covers the development characteristics of Total Quality Management (TQM) in various aspects, including its implementation, application, statistical analysis tools, etc. It also organically integrates the enhancement of quality consciousness with structured implementation steps, thereby constructing a complete implementation plan for TQM. Through interactive exercises, participants can quickly grasp the essence of TQM, and their ability to analyze and solve problems will be significantly enhanced. Various departments could be benefited from the course, such as finance, marketing, R&D, procurement, manufacturing, management, HR, etc. It helps to reduce failure rates and to save quality costs, thus to increases corporate profit, customer satisfaction, as well as market share.

本课程讲授了全面质量管理的发展特点,在企业推行应用、相关分析统计工具的使用等多个方面,同时也把质量意识的提升与结构化的推行步骤进行了有机整合,从而构架完整的全面质量管理实施方案。通过课堂上有针对性的互动练习,学员能够在最短的时间内理解全面质量管理的精义,能极大地增强业务运营环节问题分析与解决的能力,并在实践中及时有效地应对企业面临的各种挑战,培训效果立竿见影。 通过全面质量管理的学习可以提高企业中各个部门(如财务、市场、研发、采购、制造、管理、人事等)的运作效率和效果、降低失误和故障率,帮助企业节省大量因质量问题和效率低下而损失的成本,增加企业利润,并进一步提高客户满意度,在激烈的竞争中不断提升业务和市场占有率。

Target Audience/目标学员

Executives, department heads, management personnel in production, operations, quality, supply chain, research and development, continuous improvement personnel, engineers, and team leaders.


Teaching Method/授课形式

Lectures, case studies, group discussions, student exercises, video demonstrations



Through this course, participants will be able to:

· Understand the core principles of Total Quality Management

· Comprehend the historical development of Total Quality Management

· Establish the principles of Total Quality Management, enhance quality management awareness, and promote the company's journey towards excellence

· Familiarize themselves with typical tools and methods of Total Quality Management

· Continuously improve individual and team capabilities and performance through learning


· 理解全面质量管理核心理念

· 了解全面质量管理的发展历史

· 确立全面质量管理的原则,提升质量管理意识,促进公司质量管理迈向卓越

· 知悉全面质量管理的典型工具和方法

· 通过学习持续提升个人和团队的能力与绩效


Part I: The Development of Quality and the Emergence of Total Quality Management Concepts

· Purpose: Understand the history of quality development and the background of the emergence of Total Quality Management concepts

· Methods: Theoretical explanation, interactive exercises

· Content:

  • Brief history of quality development
  • Emergence of Total Quality Management concepts
  • Origin of Total Quality Management thinking
  • Four stages of Total Quality Management development

Part II: Problems to be Solved by Total Quality Management

· Purpose: Understand the application scenarios of Total Quality Management and grasp the concept of quality cost

· Methods: Theoretical explanation, case analysis, interactive exercises

· Content:

  • Challenges faced by enterprises
  • Seven ultimate goals pursued by modern factories
  • Relationship between Total Quality Management and quality management
  • Concept of quality cost

Part III: Implementation of Total Quality Management

· Purpose: Understand the core concepts and basic principles of Total Quality Management, learn how to judge the level of enterprise quality management

· Methods: Theoretical explanation, case analysis, interactive exercises

· Content:

  • PDCA cycle
  • Application of data analysis and statistics
  • Sharing of tool applications
  • Application of Total Quality Management thinking

Part IV: The Culture of Total Quality Management

· Purpose: Understand the application scenarios and implementation steps of Total Quality Management

· Methods: Theoretical explanation, group discussions, interactive exercises

· Content:

  • Manager's Total Quality Management strategy
  • Implementation of teams and excellence quality culture
  • Six "Threes" of process management
  • Full participation and incentive mechanisms for all staff members

Conclusion: Review of Course Content

· Significance of Total Quality Management for enterprises

· Pitfalls to avoid in the implementation of Total Quality Management

· Toolkit for implementing Total Quality Management

· Case sharing

· Q&A


· 目的:了解质量发展的历史和全面质量管理概念产生的背景

· 方式:理论讲解、互动练习

· 内容:

  • 质量发展简史
  • 全面质量管理概念的产生
  • 全面质量管理的思想来源
  • 全面质量管理发展的四个阶段


· 目的:了解全面质量管理的应用场景,掌握质量成本的概念

· 方式:理论讲解、案例分析、互动练习

· 内容:

  • 企业面临的困惑
  • 现代工厂追求的七个终极目标
  • 全面质量管理与质量管理的关系
  • 质量成本的概念


· 目的:理解全面质量管理的核心理念和基本原则,掌握如何评判企业质量管理水平

· 方式:理论讲解、案例分析、互动练习

· 内容:

  • PDCA 循环
  • 数据分析与统计应用实践
  • 工具运用分享
  • 全面质量管理思路的运用


· 目的:了解全面质量管理的应用场景和实施步骤

· 方式:理论讲解、分组讨论、互动练习

· 内容:

  • 管理者的全面质量管理战略
  • 推行小组和卓越质量文化
  • 过程管理的六个"三"
  • 全员参与和激励机制


· 全面质量管理对企业的意义

· 全面质量管理推行的避坑指南

· 全面质量管理实施工具包

· 案例分享

· 问答环节

Trainer 讲师

Charles Zhang

Date 日期

18 April, 2024 (Thursday)

Time 时间

9:30 - 17:30, Beijing Time

Price 价格

Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 2150

Non-Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 2600

Early Bird for Members (1 person): RMB 1600 - expires on 2024-04-01

Small (3 people) & large group (10 people) tickets are also available, please contact jonatan@swedcham.cn for more info about group ticket.

Language 培训语言

The workshop will be held in Chinese.


Venue 地点

Suzhou, TBD...


Kindly notice 温馨提示

This course will only be held if we have more than 12 guests joining in.


Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than seven business days prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for the training costs.

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