Hej, want to explore more on doing marketing in China as Swedish/Nordic company? Don't miss the Nordic Marketing Day 2024!

Join the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China and other nordic chambers for Nordic Marketing Day – the annual event for marketeers and leaders of Nordic companies in China. Come meet leading brands from the Nordics to learn how they leverage their Nordic origin in marketing.

The importance and potential of utilizing Nordic heritage in the branding and marketing of Nordic companies in China cannot be overstated. We aim to use Nordic Marketing Day 2024 to focus on this development, examining what has changed and how it compels Nordic companies across B2B and B2C sectors to rethink how they capitalize on their "Nordicness".

This year we also welcome speakers and panelists from non-Nordic world-leading, admired brands to explore how they transform their country of origin into a marketing asset.

You can look forward to a dynamic event with more panels, Q&A, and engaging conversations instead of generic power points. We invite you to participate in the conversation and ask the questions most important to you.






May 29th, 2024



13:00-17:00 Main Session with keynotes and panels 核心主题

17:00-20:00 Networking After-Party, with food and wines served, and opportunities to mingle 社交联谊

Speakers & Program:

Shift in Consumer Behaviour

  • Understanding Chinese Consumer Perceptions of the Nordics & Emerging Trends in Origin Marketing, Tracy Dai, China Skinny
  • Adapting Nordic Brands to the Evolving Consumer Landscape, Leon Zhang, PwC
  • Moderated by Anna Lin Yip, DCCC

  • 消费者行为的转变
  • 理解中国消费者对北欧的看法和新兴的原产地营销趋势,Mark Tanner,来自China Skinny
  • 适应不断变化的消费者环境的北欧品牌,Leon Zhang,来自PwC
  • 由Anna Lin Yip主持,来自DCCC

International Experience & Best Practices (Panel Discussion)

  • Jin Zhang, Ponant (FR)
  • Windy Lai, Gucci (IT)
  • Swenson Su, Accolade Wines (AU)
  • Torsten Dietze, Schüco (DE)
  • Moderated by Jacob Johansen, PwC

  • 国际经验与最佳实践(小组讨论)
  • Jin Zhang,来自Ponant(法国)
  • Windy Lai,来自Gucci(意大利)
  • Swenson Su,来自Accolade Wines(澳大利亚)
  • Torsten Dietze, 来自Schüco (德国)
  • 由Jacob Johansen主持,来自PwC

Nordic Companies Marketing in China Survey 2024

  • Report Release and Presentation by Rixin Jiang, Nordic Friend

  • 2024年在中国市场营销的北欧公司调查报告
  • Rixin Jiang发布报告,来自Nordic Friend

Leveraging Nordic Origin as a Marketing Tool (Panel Discussion)

  • Michel Qin Zhao, Volvo Car APAC (SE)
  • Ville Pekkola, Valio (FI)
  • Alexander Schandorff, Carl Hansen & Son (DK)
  • Chloe Zhao, Orkla (NO)
  • Moderated by Jacob Johansen, PwC

  • 将北欧起源作为营销工具(小组讨论)
  • Michel Qin Zhao,来自Volvo Car APAC(瑞典)
  • Ville Pekkola,来自Valio(芬兰)
  • Alexander Schandorff, 来自Carl Hansen & Son(丹麦)
  • Chloe Zhao, 来自Orkla (挪威)
  • 由Jacob Johansen主持,来自PwC





13:00-17:00 (for afternoon main event only): 550 RMB

13:00-20:00 Full Session including the networking evening: 700 RMB (Sold-out)


13:00-17:00 (for afternoon main event only): 750 RMB

13:00-20:00 Full Session including the networking evening: 950 RMB(Sold-out)



5F, PwC Center, 2 Link Square Shanghai, No.202 Hu Bin Road, Huangpu District

[Survey Invitation]:

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By participating, you'll be contributing to a joint voice of marketing professionals on the front line, and your responses will help us develop more effective strategies for Nordic companies operating in this market. As the second year running this survey, our report can also have a comparative analysis on how all the situations change.

The survey only takes 6-10 minutes to complete, and everyone who leaves their email address will receive a digital copy of the full report after its release. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have your voice heard! The deadline for filling out the survey is May 15th, 2024.

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