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Are you aware of your organization profile in the Corporate Social Credit System (企业社会信用系统) ?


"62% of firms are not aware of their profiles in the corporate social credit systems. Besides, 75% of Swedish firms have not observed the impact of the corporate social credit system on their business." Those figures are one of the main findings and challenges from the report of Team Sweden China's Business Climate Survey 2020. As this is shown to be a key challenge for Swedish companies, we are glad to offer this hands-on seminar to support our member companies and their business in China.

据2020年Team Sweden发布的关于《瑞典企业在华商业环境调查报告》中摘选的一个重要发现和瑞典企业面临的挑战之一是:"62%的公司不知道他们在企业社会信用系统中的档案。此外,75%的瑞典公司没有观察到企业社会信用系统对其业务的影响。"

What does the Corporate Social Credit System actually mean to Corporates and how will it affect your business here in China if companies are rated as "Excellent," "Good," "Medium" or "Bad"?

但是,企业社会信用系统对企业的实际意义到底意味着什么? 如果企业在这套信用系统被评为"优秀"、"良好"、"中等"或"糟糕",会对瑞典企业在中国的业务又产生多大影响呢?

This workshop will go deeper into these areas and teach you:

  • How do you access and search companies listing in the system? 如何在系统中搜索自己或其他公司的排名?
  • How does connections, suppliers and clients affect your rating? 企业关系网、供应商和客户会如何影响你的评级?
  • How you can utilize benefits of an excellent rating? 如何充分利用企业被评级为"优秀"这样的优势?
  • How can you affect a negative rating? 企业又如何影响负面评级?

SwedCham has the privilege of welcoming Lars-Åke Severin, Founder and CEO of PSU Consulting as well as Per Portén, Head of Shanghai Office and Thomas Larsen, Project Manager, at Business Sweden, to teach the audience how to utilize the central Corporate Social Credit System with a hands-on seminar on April 8th.

Your takeaway from this workshop will be crucial learnings and skills to bring back and share with your organization. Please prepare your entity's registered name in Chinese so that we can teach you how to search in the system.

Some of the questions that will be touched upon include:

  • What are the most important things to consider in order to be compliant with Corporate Social Credit System? 要符合企业社会信用系统,最重要的是什么?
  • How to set up control functions internally to avoid obvious compliance issues? 如何在内部建立控制功能以避免明显的合规问题?
  • Third parties risk mitigation, how can we avoid transferred risks and also improve compliance within our supply chain? 降低第三方风险,我们如何避免转移的风险,同时提高供应链的合规性?
  • What are the latest development of the C-SCS and lessons learnt from Swedish companies using it? 企业社会信用体系最新发展如何,瑞典企业在实际操作中又有哪些经验可借鉴?

This event is designed both for those working directly with compliance and finance, as well as for people in leadership roles who wants to better understand how the CSCS affects your company. The event will be held both in English and Chinese and with support available in both languages to reach a broader audience.

This event will be a hybrid event, taking place offline in Shanghai and live-streamed online at the same time. We will send out the link for online zoom event and reminder for offline event one day in advance.


Wikborg Rein's office

K11, 300 Huaihai Middle Road, 19th floor, Suite 1902


Online venue:

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Corporate Social Credit System: Hands-on Risk Management in EN & CN


08:30 Check in & breakfast

09:00 Compliance & risk mitigation by PSU

09:30 Development & key findings from Business Sweden

10:00 Hands-on exercise facilitated (In Chinese 中文讲解)

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Event ends



  • Thomas Larsen (Project Manager at Business Sweden)

    Thomas Larsen

    Project Manager at Business Sweden

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  • Per Porten (Head of Shanghai Office at Business Sweden)

    Per Porten

    Head of Shanghai Office at Business Sweden

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  • Lars-Ake Severin (CEO & Founder / Chairman of PSU (China) Consulting Co., Ltd. / SwedCham China)

    Lars-Ake Severin

    CEO & Founder / Chairman of PSU (China) Consulting Co., Ltd. / SwedCham China

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