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Have you ever watched yourself negotiate? Would you like to know what your biggest problem was in the negotiation? How should you change that?

2020 looks like the year of the black swan, yet again makes our global future very uncertain. Negotiators have to deal with these uncertainties. COVID-19 has, suddenly, seismically shifted the way we live our lives. Switching from physical to virtual interaction forces unfamiliar ways of learning and working. Uncertainty makes us fearful. How then should negotiators deal with this new and threatening status quo?

The SwedCham is pleased to have two senior negotiation experts Robi Li and Timothy Wong from Scotwork, leading participants into the mysterious world of negotiation, and having the opportunity to get one-on-one guidance through practical training, to develop business negotiation strategies and tactical plans under uncertain times, more significantly, it can be implemented immediately.

Please note this online training will be presented in Mandarin.

The contents of the training cover:

1: Negotiation theory

  • What's negotiation?
  • The features of negotiation
  • The difference among negotiation, argument and bargaining.
  • Under what circumstances is negotiation necessary?
  • What do we wish to achieve through the negotiations?
  • What type of person is suitable for negotiation?

2 : Case play and analysis

Have you ever watched yourself negotiate? Would you like to know what your biggest problem was in the negotiation? How should you change that? How can we be fearless and not deform under pressure?

Case play :(Negotiation under uncertain times: Foreign Trade Order)

  • Case brief
  • Case preparation
  • Case play
  • Video replay and expert coaching
  • Use of negotiation skills

3: Q&A

About Scotwork:

Founded in 1975, Scotwork has grown into the world's number one independent negotiation consultancy and operates in 40 countries. We transform organisations large and small, using negotiation to make them more successful and competitive. Our world-class insights, training and digital tools have empowered thousands of businesses and over 300,000 senior managers According to our post-course survey, participants' satisfaction still achieves 99% even after 3 months, and we are even more proud that the course provide an average 13.49 x ROI within 3 months. Based on more than a million hours of observation and research, Scotwork's unique 8-Step Approach and 134 negotiation techniques not only help participants to make real deals, but also change their lives.



2020年仿佛是黑天鹅之年,当我们面临当下的超级不确定性,一切之前的经验和判断好像都不起作用。 COVID-19迅速而彻底地改变了我们的生活方式。从面对面交往转换到线上互动,迫使人们采用不熟悉的工作方式。不确定性使我们恐惧。那么,谈判者应该如何应对这种新的、具有威胁性的现状呢?中国瑞典商会有幸邀请到苏格兰坊的李雪松和黄国扬两位资深谈判专家,他们将带学员们进入神秘的谈判世界,并有机会通过实训得到他们的一对一指导帮助参与者在特殊时期制定商业谈判战略和战术计划,更重要的是,它可以即刻实践执行



  • 谈判是什么?
  • 谈判的基本特点
  • 谈判和辩说以及讨价还价的区别在哪里?
  • 在什么样的情况下需要谈判?
  • 我们通过谈判希望达到什么目标?
  • 什么样的人适合谈判?




  • 案例解析
  • 案例准备
  • 案例演练
  • 录像回放指导
  • 谈判技巧运用




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