With the market environment getting more competitive, how to effectively identify and win key customers has become an important issue that every salesperson must face. However, many salespeople encounter challenges in accurately identifying potential customers, effectively evaluating business opportunities, and lacking in targeted sales strategies. The key customer winning sales strategy is designed to help salespeople build a systematic thinking, formulate effective sales strategies, and ultimately help corporates achieve sales growth.


This information session will discuss the common barriers of key customer sales, share key customer sales strategies, answer common questions from attendees, and help corporates improve sales performance. Front-line sales staff, sales managers, HR talent development managers, and whoever interested in key customer sales are welcome to participate.


Target Audience/目标受众

Front-line sales staff, sales managers, HR talent development managers, and whoever interested in key customer sales.



The speaker is Jason Wang, a trainer from Linke Consulting, an SPI certified trainer, an Aslan certified Master trainer, also a senior sales skills trainer. He has 10+ years of experience in B2B key customer sales and training delivery. His speech will focus on 4 main points: four key factors influencing sales performance, customer portfolio development plan, strategies to respond to active business opportunities, identifying and responding to four roles.



· 14:00 Check-in and networking

· 14:05 Common challenges in key customer sales

· 14:15 Four key factors influencing sales performance

· 14:45 Customer portfolio development plan

· 15:00 Strategies for responding to active business opportunities

· 15:25 Identifying and responding to four roles

· 15:50 Q&A

· 16:00 The end

· 14:00 签到和交流

· 14:05 收集与会企业在大客户销售中的痛点和问题

· 14:15 影响销售业绩的四大核心因素

· 14:45 客户组合开发计划

· 15:00活跃商机应对策略

· 15:25 四种角色的识别与应对

· 15:50 Q&A

· 16:00 结束


20 September, 2024



14:00 - 16:00 (Beijing Time)


Jason Wang

Linke Consulting Trainer




50 RMB for Members & YP/Individual Discount Pass Holders

100 RMB for Non-Members


A Microsoft Meeting link will be sent to all registered participants one day before the event.

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