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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China invites our members to join us in Suzhou to visit Nederman's new opened factory, also combine the trip, the training of "Industrial Production Combustible Dust" will be conducted! Do not miss out this great opportunity to learn more about sustainability and green manufacturing.

About Nederman:


More than 75 years ago, Nederman was already a pioneer within working environments and clean air. Our determination to address the environmental challenges of industry through innovative solutions and cost-effective productions has led to continuous expansion and a world-leading positions in industrial air filtration.

75 年前,尼的曼就已成为保护工作环境和工业空气过滤领域的先驱。 我们决心通过创新的解决方案和高性价比的产品来应对工业领域的环境挑战,这促使我们不断扩张,并在工业空气过滤领域占据世界领先地位。

Nederman is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden and listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, idCap (NMAN). Today Nederman has 2400 employees in 25 countries, sales companies and distributors in 50 countries.

尼的曼总部位于瑞典赫尔辛堡,在纳斯达克 OMX Stockholm idCap (NMAN) 上市。目前,尼的曼在 25 个国家拥有 2400 名员工,在 50 个国家拥有销售公司和经销商。

Nederman opened its first sales office in Shanghai in2005 and has provided clean air solutions to more than 2000 customers in China. Nederman Suzhou factory was established in 2008 and recently updated with a new warehouse, assembly area and a new demo and training room reflecting our latest product portfolio. Nederman Suzhou factory is ISO9001&ISO14001 certified.

尼的曼于 2005 年在上海设立了第一个销售办事处,目前已为中国 2000 多家客户提供了洁净空气解决方案。 尼的曼苏州工厂成立于 2008 年,最近落成了新仓库、装配区和新的演示培训室,以展示我们最新的产品系列。尼的曼苏州工厂通过了ISO9001和ISO14001认证。

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Industrial Production Combustible Dust Training:


Training Objective


One of the most serious risks caused by dust in manufacturing environments is that of combustible dust. More than 70% of dusts are combustible in the right concentration. All organics dusts are considered combustible in the right conditions. When this dust cloud comes in contact with an ignition source, a dust explosion can occur. The same process day after day with no incident does not mean there isn't any risk. Alignment of dust concentration, oxygen and ignition source is all it takes to trigger an explosion. The explosion might not be contained to the immediate vicinity. Dust explosions spread from the small primary explosions to large secondary events where control is lost and the damage can be extreme.

可燃粉尘是在生产环境中最容易带来危险的粉尘之一。超过 70% 的粉尘在适当浓度下是可燃的。在适当的条件下,所有有机粉尘都被认为是可燃的。当这些粉尘云接触到火源时,就会发生粉尘爆炸。在日复一日生产操作中,没有发生事故但并不意味着没有任何风险。只要粉尘浓度、氧气和点火源相匹配,就会引发爆炸。爆炸可能不会局限于附近地区。粉尘爆炸会从小规模的一次爆炸蔓延到大规模的二次爆炸,在这种情况下,可能会面临失控的状况,从而造成严重的损失。

Combustible Dust solutions are quite often focused on one item (e.g. explosion relief venting) without considering the holistic approach to safety and a safe solution. The participants of the training will gain an insight into important factors have to be considered when considering combustible dust solutions, such as


a) assess the dust and choose a solution that suits the dust and the site/installation ;


b) delivers a safe work environment and meets client expectations for site safety;


c) protects the workers and their workspace as well as valuable production equipment;


Who Should Attend


EHS Professionals: Those who work continuously to protect the health and safety of the environment, workforce by setting and enforcing regulations.

EHS 专家: 通过制定和执行法规,不断努力保护环境和劳动力的健康与安全。

Sustainability Professionals: Those who focus and drive sustainable development, encourage sustainability thinking in the employee base at all levels and examine ways of cost-saving while promoting such green credentials.

可持续发展专家: 关注并推动可持续发展,鼓励各级员工形成可持续发展思维,在推广绿色证书的同时研究节约成本的方法。

Production Professionals: Those who work in the plant operation with the need and responsibility to operate factory efficiently while ensure a health and safe work environment



6 December (Wednesday), 2023


14:00 - 16:00, Beijing Time


David McEwan, APAC Combustible Dust Expert 亚太区防爆专家, Nederman




Member Price: RMB 180


Nederman Suzhou

Zhujiang Road 855 Plant nr 10, High-tech Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


Practical information:

  • Please note that trains/flights to Suzhou, accommodation and transportation needs to be arranged by the guests.
  • This is a Member Only event.

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