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Many companies nowadays are facing the challenge of stepping out of their comfort zone in order to stand out for business growth, and the past 3 COVID years have only accelerated such growth pressure. Meanwhile, under the impact of the digital wave, including but not limited to social channels, marketing automation and the very recent AI technologies, the marketing difficulties of B2B enterprises have become increasingly prominent.


Based on our previous survey of Nordic Companies Marketing in China 2023, more than 60% of Nordic companies in China identify B2B as their primary target market, with another 31.68% targeting both B2B and B2C. And the most common marketing challenge the respondents face is the lack of resources such as budget, manpower, new skills and training opportunities.

根据北欧在华商会此前联合发布的《Nordic Companies Marketing in China 2023》调查,超过 60% 在中国的北欧企业将 B2B 作为其主要目标,另有 31.68% 的企业同时覆盖B2B 和 B2C 的市场路径。受访者面临的最常见营销挑战是缺乏各类资源,如营销预算、人力、新技能和培训机会等。

Together with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and FinnCham, we invite you to attend this tailor-made workshop and training event for marketing, sales and management professionals in Shanghai. This is a co-creating and light consulting workshop, where you will receive hands-on insights from experts, re-thinking your company strategy and daily work in lively discussions and gain new ideas and methods for long-term development. Please check out more information below for further program outlines and daily breakdowns.


Program Outline and Key Topics/课程大纲和关键要点:

Speakers: Siye Zhu, Rixin Jiang, Bobo Xie, Kun Hsu

Content Production

- Pain points with most of the marketers

- Content strategy and development

- The effective perspective to track and adjust

- Address the challenge of resource, capability and capacity

Social Media

- Social media landscape, tools and analysis for B2B businesses

- How to deliver the best quality performance on these channels

- Add-on features to utilize for account organic growth

- AIGC trends and recommendations


- Does the company website still matter, and in what way does it bring results

- Practical tips on SEO/SEM operations

Marketing Automation

- Decoding of marketing automation logic for industrial B2B businesses

- Increasing revenue through marketing-led digital transformation

- Case sharing: How to Influence Customers and Win an Order? Applications in Nordic Enterprises and Case Studies

- Analysis of survey results and special gifts


- 内容生产





- 社交媒体




- 搜索引擎营销/优化 SEO/SEM




- 营销自动化

工业 B2B 企业营销自动化逻辑解码



Kindly notice: This course will be only opening with more than 10 people joining (we reserve the right to cancel the event should sign-up be insufficient)

温馨提示:本次课程需要在有10人以上的报名者参与时才会开课 (我们保留课程因为报名人数不足而取消的权利)


October 27th (Friday) , 2023

2023年10月27日 星期五


09:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:30 (Beijing time), with a light lunch break in between

09:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30 (北京时间)


Training Language/培训语言:



Member 会员价: 1500 RMB

Non-member 非会员价: 3000 RMB


Inter IKEA office

Building 3C, NO.195 Longtian Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


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