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As an international HR or foreign affairs specialist, have you ever faced with those problems?

· Not familiar with the entry process and required materials when recruiting overseas

· Having found a great talent overseas, but missed the chance of hiring him or her because of uncertainty of the timeline

· Failed to find the key contact persons through numerous docking windows when supporting overseas employees arrange the entry process


· 当海外招聘时,对于入境流程和所需材料一知半解

· 遇到优秀的海外人才,但因入职时间线无法确定而痛失良机

· 帮海外员工安排入境流程,对接窗口众多却迟迟找不到到关键人

As the anti-Covid restrictions have been lifted world-widely, cross-border exchanges have gradually resumed, and the demand for multinational business activities and overseas recruitment and dispatch by companies has skyrocketed. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China is glad to invite Sarah Huang, Special Guest Trainer of Linke Consulting, International HR from Fortune 500 Multinational Corporate to do an 2-hour-long "Oversea Expatriate Onboard Process Training training"

随着各国防疫政策放开,跨境交流逐渐恢复,各公司跨国商务活动和海外招聘、派遣需求暴增。中国瑞典商会很高兴邀请Sarah Huang, 遴科咨询特邀讲师, 知名世界500强跨国集团国际HR展开一个时长两小时的外派外籍员工入境入职全流程培训课程。

This training is aiming to help companies with foreign employees understand the expatriate entry process and matters requesting attention in each step, aiming to help participants in the process of arranging foreign employees to complete the work more clearly and efficiently. It not only includes the specific requirements for the application of a certain certificate, but also covers the whole entry and onboard process for expatriate employees and cross-cultural integration after entry, including but not limited to:

· Oversea Expatriate Onboard Process introduction and time management

· Visa related documents and China government contacts

· Government related website introduction

· Target city orientation

· HR's role and main task


· 入境入职入职流程梳理及总时长规划

· 证件办理材料与政府联络人

· 政府网站介绍

· 城市介绍

· HR的角色和主要任务

Target audience:

International HR and foreign affairs specialists in multinational companies



Training Objective:

At the end of this session, participants will:

· understand the whole process for expatriate onboard process

· master the information of the corresponding government related contacts

· accurately estimate the process lead time when hiring from overseas

· complete the expatriate's business travel an onboard process work independently



· 理解外籍入境全流程

· 掌握相应各对口政府联络单位情况

· 准确预估如果公司有相对应业务需要后的准备时长与节点安排

· 能够独立完成外籍员工的商务出差和入职入境相关事宜

Training Content:

· Oversea Expatriate Onboard Process introduction and time management

Overview of the expatriate entry process and overall time planning from selection of an overseas candidate to the final onboard to the company.

· Oversea support: visa preparation

Detailed interpretation of the documents & materials required for overseas preparation, according to the notice of work permit required by the Notification letter for China,

· Domestic support: work permit & resident permit

Detailed interpretation of the documents & materials required from landing to successful application after the new hired employee's entry.

· China government main contact windows introduction

In the whole process, in addition to the internal process and contact, external contact is also crucial. In this session, the contact information of various government departments and which departments to contact at what time node will be shared.

· Government related website introduction

Small to medium-sized foreign companies that do not use visa agents need internal staff to complete applications on a government portal. In this session, we will familiarize you with the government portal interface and procedures for visa application.

· Target city orientation

Cross-cultural communication and city recognition after the entry of foreign employees affect the stability of employees to a certain extent. In this session, we will introduce the local customs of the corresponding city from the perspective of helping foreign employees build links.

· HR role and main tasks


· 外派外籍入境入职流程梳理及总时长规划


· 海外阶段:签证准备材料


· 境内阶段:工作证居留许可准备材料


· 签证办理流程中的政府联络人


· 政府网站介绍


· 城市介绍


· 整个流程中HR的角色和主要任务


Sarah Huang

Special Guest Trainer of Linke Consulting


International HR from Fortune 500 Multinational Corporate


Read more about Linke Consulting here​


May 31 2023

五月31日, 2023


9:00 a.m. - 11:00a.m., Beijing Time (北京时间)


Member 会员价: RMB 399

Non-Member 非会员价: RMB 659




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