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Please kindly note all the dates for the training have been postponed for one more week and changed to July 8, July 15, July 22, and July 29, 2022. 请知悉此次培训课程开课日期正式延期一周举行, 最新课程日期为 2022年7月8, 7月15日, 7月22日和7月29日。

In order to have a better understanding of global and Chinese policies and countermeasures about Carbon Neutrality Strategy, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China are delighted to invite our company members to join this three modules of courses on "Carbon Neutrality Strategy Series: Application Methods and Practices of the Whole Life Cycle of Enterprises and Products". The training is to be held both online and offline on every Friday afternoon at 14:00 - 17:00 (3 hours) on July 8, July 15, July 22, and July 29, 2022 (in total 4 times) (in total 4 times).

Participants in this training can systematically learn the current global and Chinese carbon neutral policies and strategies, and their short-term and long-term impacts on companies and products, discuss the challenges and opportunities facing companies, and master new ideas and methods, thus proposing strategies preceding competitors in terms of company development and product innovation, enhancing the international competitiveness of the company and its products, so as to improve its products, create more business opportunities, and establish a sharing and communication platform between companies. Participant will be granted a certificate jointly issued by the organizers after finished all the modules.

为了瑞典在华企业能够更好的了解全球以及中国的政策,应对措施, 中国瑞典商会联合瑞典环境科学研究院(IVL)共同邀请您参加主题为"碳中和战略系列培训:企业和产品全生命周期的应用方法和实践"的线下培训课程。此课程由三个不同主题模块组成,培训课程将首次在北京线下, 直播线上两种方式进行授课,培训日期分别是2022年7月8, 7月15日, 7月22日和7月29日,每周五下午2点至5点(3个小时), 总共四次课程内容。

通过参加此次培训, 学员能够系统学习当下全球和中国提出的碳中和政策和战略,及其对企业、产品近期和远期的影响,探讨企业面临的挑战和机遇,掌握新的思路和方法,在其公司发展和产品创新方面提出领先于同类竞争对手的战略,提升公司和产品的国际竞争力,助力公司产品发展,创造更多商机,并建立企业间共享和交流平台。完成所有课程后, 学员可获得由主办方颁发的结课证书

Please kindly note this is an Offline course in Beijing and will be alsoand Online course and will be presented in Chinese.

此次线下课程也将通过直播线上同步进行, 中文讲解内容。

课程内容 Contents

模块一:政策篇 Section 1: Policies - July 8, 2022 - New Date

  • 中国碳达峰政策及路径介绍

Introduction to China's carbon peak policy and path

板块二:基础篇 Section 2: Basic Knowledge - July 15, 2022

  • 企业碳排放核算方法学

Corporate carbon emission accounting methodology

  • 企业和产品实现碳中和的策略和路径及案例

Strategies, paths and cases for enterprises and products to achieve carbon neutrality


The training will start from global and national policies, and in-depth introduction to the basic principles of climate change; then interpret the waves of energy technology change and transformation that are being set off around the world, and the energy technologies used by enterprises in their efforts to transition to low carbon or even zero carbon; finally, the methodologies that enterprises need to carry out carbon accounting and carbon neutrality work will be introduced in details, and the successful cases of international advanced enterprises will also be shared.

板块三:专业篇 Section 3: Professional knowledge - July 22, & July 29, 2022 - New Date

  • 全生命周期评估(LCA)方法工具如何帮助企业产品优化升级

How the life cycle assessment (LCA) method and tool can help optimize and upgrade products for enterprises

  • LCA 方法学介绍

Introduction to LCA methodology

  • LCA 在企业中的应用

Application of LCA in the enterprises

  • 环境产品声明(EPD)体系助力国内企业和产品出口欧美市场

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) system helps domestic enterprises and products to be exported to European and American markets

  • EPD在各领域的应用案例介绍领域的应用

Introduction of application cases of EPD in various fields

课程收获: 生命周期评价(LCA)是环境评价方法学,在企业中大量应用,以应对企业的低碳转型,产品设计优化,生产工艺优化等,以达到减少环境影响,增加经济效益,提高企业环保形象。本课程将介绍在企业中对产品及生产流程使用最为广泛的LCA(生命周期评价)方法学的原理知识,计算方法,以及LCA对企业带来的价值和案例介绍。

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an environmental assessment methodology, which is widely used in enterprises to help with the low-carbon transformation, product design optimization, production process optimization, etc., in order to reduce environmental impact, increase economic benefits, and improve the environmental protection image. In this training, the basic knowledge and the calculation method of LCA methodology most widely used for products and production process, as well as cases will be introduced.

培训对象 Targetd participants


This training is mainly aimed at enterprises, including persons chiefly in charge (of the group headquarters, strategic development departments, sustainable development departments, technology research and development departments, market or import and export business departments, and other low-carbon and environmental protection related departments).

培训信息及学费 Course info and Fees

日期: 2022年7月8日, 7月15日,7月22日, 7月29日(共四次课程, 周五); July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29 ( 4 Times every Friday ) - NEW DATES

时间: 14:00 - 17:00 Beijing Time

语言: 中文讲解; In Chinese

报名: 于2022年7月1日中午12点前截止报名; Before 12:00 PM, July 1, 2022

线下地点: 沃尔沃(中国)投资有限公司; 北京市朝阳区景华南街5号远洋光华中心C座26层

Offline venue: 26th floor, Tower C, Office Park No.5, Jinghua South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

线上地点:培训线上链接将在参会者报名后, 活动提前一天邮件发送给大家学习链接。

Online venue: The online meeting link will be provided via email notice prior to the course.

培训结课证书:完成所有三个模块课程后, 学员可获得由主办方颁发的结课证书;

Certificate: Participant will be granted a certificate after finished all the three modules

学费 线下课堂: 3040元/会员补贴价/人; 3800 元/非会员价/人

学费 线上课堂: 2740元/会员补贴价/人; 3500 元/非会员价/人

Offline ticket: 3040 RMB/ Member Subsidy Price/Person ; 3800 RMB/ Non-Member Price/Person

Online Ticket: 2740 RMB/ Member Subsidy Price/Person ; 3500 RMB/ Non-Member Price/Person

(学费含证书,电子发票; Certificate and digital fapiao included)

取消政策 Cancellation policy


Please kindly note the course will open if we have Min. 15 participants. Refunds for purchased courses are only processed upon receiving written notice of cancellation and when received no later than 7 working days before the course starts.

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关于IVL瑞典环境科学研究院 About IVL


IVL 拥有一支全瑞典最知名的LCA团队。自20世纪90年代起,我们作为一支LCA领军团队开始逐步建立和发展基于生命周期方法的一系列分析方法,包括生命周期评价(LCA),碳足迹分析,环境产品声明(EPD),水足迹分析以及生命周期可持续发展分析。IVL的专家长期参与欧盟政策制定,以及被授权负责"资源高效性","循环经济"的相关标准文件编制。


培训主题背景 Background info


On April 4, 2022, the report "Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change" was officially released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The report pointed out that limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is impossible without immediate and deep emission reductions in all sectors; and limiting the global warming to around 2 degrees Celsius requires global greenhouse gas emissions to peak by 2025 at the latest , and decrease by a quarter by 2030. There is a long way to go to tackle climate change, which requires extensive global participation and joint action, and it is inseparable from the active actions from enterprises.

2020年,国家主席习近平在第七十五届联合国大会一般性辩论、第三届巴黎和平论坛、金砖国家领导人第十二次会晤、二十国集团领导人利雅得峰会以及气候雄心峰会等多个场合宣布与重申,"30.60"目标, 2021年7月16日,全国碳市场正式启动,纳入首批碳市场覆盖的企业碳排放量超过40亿吨二氧化碳当量。今年的两会期间,宁德时代,小米等企业领导更是就产品全生命周期的碳排放以及在国际上的中国话语权提上日程。

In several international events in 2020, including the general debate of the 75th UN General Assembly, the 3rd Paris Peace Forum, the 12th BRICS Summit, the G20 Leaders' Summit in Riyadh, and the Climate Ambition Summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced and reiterated the "30.60" targets. On July 16, 2021, the Chinese national carbon market was officially launched, and the carbon emissions of the first batch of companies covered by the carbon market exceeded 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. During this year's two sessions, the leaders of CATL, Xiaomi and other companies put on the agenda the life cycle carbon emissions of the products and China's voice on the international arena.

国际方面,2022年3月,欧盟通过了碳边境调节机制议程,一系列的行动加快影响气候变化的进程。而且我们不得不着重提到瑞典作为最早提出实现碳中和的国家,一直是环境领域的践行者,第一个颁布环境法案, 瑞典主办了第一届联合国环境会议,协助创立了联合国环境规划署(UNEP现为UN Environmental)。瑞典也是最早开始征收碳税的国家之一,2030年,瑞典的交通不再使用化石能源,2022年4月,瑞典承诺将海外制造并进口到瑞典的商品碳排放添加到该国的总排放量中。 迄今为止还没有其他任何国家做出这样的承诺。

Internationally, In March 2022, the EU adopted the agenda of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, with a series of actions taken to accelerate the process of climate change control. And we have to highlight that Sweden, as the first country to propose to achieve carbon neutrality, has always been a practitioner in the environmental field, which was the first to enact an environmental law, hosted the first United Nations Environment Conference and assisted in the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP is now UN Environmental). Sweden is also one of the first countries to start imposing a carbon tax. Fossil energy will no longer be used in Sweden's transportation from 2030. In April 2022, Sweden promised that the carbon emissions of goods manufactured overseas and imported into Sweden would be added to the country's total emissions. No other country has so far made such a commitment.


The implementation of these national commitments is bound to be inseparable from the management and control of corporate activities. For enterprises, conducting carbon emission inventory, formulating carbon neutrality goals, or carrying out product carbon footprint evaluation, life cycle assessment (LCA), and related standards are all the most basic and scientific methods and tools.The carbon footprint evaluation of a product must be based on a comprehensive and accurate quantitative evaluation of carbon emissions from all stages of the life cycle, from raw material extraction to waste disposal. Taking Apple as an example, in the past decade or so, almost every product has been conducted life cycle assessment and the carbon footprint results have been released.

瑞典的众多企业就在这方面开展了一系列的工作,如瑞典能源集团,在1997年便发布了第一个EPD产品,IVL更是广泛的与瑞典各个行业的领军企业合作,开展了一系列产品的LCA工作,如SSAB,SKF,ABB,沃尔沃,极星,斯堪尼亚,NorDan,Tetra Pak,阿克苏诺贝尔,Trafikverket,LKAB等等。

Many companies from Sweden have also carried out a series of work in this regard, such as Swedish Energy Group, which released the first EPD product in 1997. IVL keeps extensive cooperation with leading companies in various fields in Sweden to carry out LCA work for a series of products, e.g.SSAB, SKF, ABB, Volvo, Polestar, Scania, NorDan, Tetra Pak, AkzoNobel, Trafikverket, LKAB, etc.


  • 刘颖昊博士 (教授级高工,宝武低碳冶金创新中心技术总监,宝武LCA团队负责人,世界钢协生命周期评价专家组主席,中钢协EPD平台技术委员会主席)



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  • 彭应登 (国家城市环境污染控制技术研究中心总工,研究员)



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  • 王瑞 (低碳专家,IVL瑞典环境科学研究院中国代表处)



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  • 徐敏 (国际 EPD 体系中国联络人; 瑞典环境科学研究院武汉办公室主任)


    国际 EPD 体系中国联络人; 瑞典环境科学研究院武汉办公室主任

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  • 朱艳景 (LCA专家,注册环评工程师&环保工程师; IVL瑞典环境科学研究院中国代表处)


    LCA专家,注册环评工程师&环保工程师; IVL瑞典环境科学研究院中国代表处

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