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As a project leader, a role that often leads without authority, have you ever run into one of these dilemmas?

  • At an important project meeting, the more you want to impress your stakeholders, the more off the meeting goes…
  • Your project requires extra support from top management, yet the key stakeholders are too busy to attend meetings or even to read your emails…
  • A team member frequently delays on task delivery, but you are not comfortable giving direct feedbacks as you are not his/her line manager…
  • Team members come from different departments and understand the tasks differently, while you need to ensure the project move towards one direction…

SwedCham China is glad to offer a Full Day offline course to our members working within different projects. Effective Communication in Project Management is a practical training designed to help participants communicate clearly and effectively in project-based situations, especially difficult situations where leading without authority is needed. The whole course will be presented in Chinese.

This is not a theoretical training on how effective communication works or what phycological tricks are behind it, instead, it only focuses on practical techniques which could bring visible improvements during the class. This training includes four (4) project-based effective communication techniques:

  • Project presentation technique
  • Project escalation technique (Group exercises are included)
  • Project feedback technique(Group exercises are included)
  • Project team internal alignment technique(Group exercises are included)

All above-mentioned techniques will be practiced though real-case exercises during the training.

Target audience

Project managers, entry-level to mid-level management staff who are frequently involved in projects.


At the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the key elements of project-based communication
  • Master the techniques for effective project-based communication
  • Achieve visible improvement on project-based communication

作为非职权领导力的项目负责人, 你是否也经历过以下窘境?

  • 在一个重要的项目会议上,你想要给关键干系人留下好印象,往往当你越重视,越适得其反…
  • 你的项目需要管理层的支持,但是相关领导太忙,没有时间参加会议,甚至没时间回复邮件…
  • 一个项目组员经常不按时交付,但你并不是他的直线经理,因此难以给出直接的意见和建议…
  • 项目组员们来自不同的部门,对任务项有不同的理解,但你需要确保项目超着一个明确的的方向迈进…



  • 项目中的演讲技巧
  • 项目中的汇报技巧
  • 项目中的反馈技巧
  • 建立项目团队共识技巧






  • 理解基于项目沟通的要素
  • 掌握基于项目高效沟通的技巧
  • 收获基于项目沟通能力的显著提升


  • 项目管理中的沟通


  • 项目中的演讲技巧


  • 项目中的汇报技巧


  • 项目中的反馈技巧


  • 建立项目团队共识技巧


Event info 活动信息


November 3, 2021 (Full Day 全天培训)


09:00 PM - 05:00 PM, Beijing Time


Standard Member: RMB 3650

Standard Non-Member: RMB 4650

Limited Time Member (Early Bird): RMB 1400

Ticket includes full day training, simple lunch and afternoon fika.


SEB Office

33rd floor, IFC Tower 2, No. 8 Century Avenue (Lujiazui subway station).


Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than 7 days prior to the training. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for the full training costs.

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  • Nayda Liu (Founder & ASQ certified Master Black Belt of Linke Consulting Co., Ltd)

    Nayda Liu

    Founder & ASQ certified Master Black Belt of Linke Consulting Co., Ltd

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