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When it comes to STRATEGY, how should we define VICTORY?

For centuries, Eastern and Western thinkers have grappled with this question, offering different answers. What can we learn from this difference?

In The Art of Strategy, Professor Hwy-Chang Moon at Seoul National University provides a novel and systematic integration of the two dominant frameworks of the East and West: Sun Tzu's military strategy and Michael Porter's business strategy.

By aligning the perspectives of these two great thinkers, Professor Moon argues that true winning is about maximizing and optimizing overall value for all engaged stakeholders, and this requires a more efficient approach to strategy. It is interesting to note that despite coming from two different times and having seemingly disparate areas of focus, these two strategists share commonalities along four traits: wide perspective, insightful thoughts, systematic analysis, and easy presentation (or WISE – the initials of the four).

The SwedCham is delighted to invite Mr. Lane Li , the Founder &GM of Beijing OHW tech Inc. and MD & Partner of McQs China, to give our audience a deep understanding of what is Strategy talking about and why it matters to managements at different levels?

Take aways from the webinar

  • How to apply the two strategists' four common traits into our corporate strategic management?
  • How does a firm create competitive advantage from the perspective of Industrial environmental analysis and enterprise resources analysis;
  • New case study (Xiaomi's entry into smart electric vehicles)

Target Group

Middle and Senior Managers, Department and Business leaders

Please note the webinar will be presented in Chinese.



中国瑞典商会有幸邀请到奥海威科技公司联合创始人、总经理 及迈哲思战略咨询执行董事、合伙人李国瑞先生。李先生将带领我们在线深刻理解什么是战略,以及理解企业战略对处于企业不同层级的管理者来说为什么至关重要?


  • 如何将《孙子兵法》与波特商业战略融合思考,帮助企业战略落地?
  • 如何在特定国家产业环境里,结合自身资源和能力建立可持续的企业竞争优势;
  • 最新案例分享 - 小米进军智能电动汽车



Event info

Date: April 27th, 2021

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Online Venue: A Microsoft Teams link will be sent once registered

Price: RMB 80/ Members; RMB 160 /Non-members

Lanague: In Chinese 中文演讲



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