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Party Congresses are China's biggest political events. They reshuffle party leadership and signal policy trajectories for the next five year period. But the opaque process and inscrutable party speak can make these events hard to decipher. Partners from research firm Trivium/China will explain what questions businesses need to be asking themselves as the congress nears as well as what to watch during the congress and the likely policy outcomes.
Andrew Polk is a co-founder at Trivium/China and head of the firm’s economic research. He was previously director of China research at Medley Global Advisors and resident economist at the Conference Board's China Center. Trey McArver is a co-founder at Trivium/China and head of the firm's political research. He is founder and chief editor of China Politics Weekly and is authoring a forth coming book on Xi Jinping and Donald Trump to be published by Bloomsbury in late 2018.


  • Andrew Polk (Co-founder and Head of Economic Research at Trivium/China)

    Andrew Polk

    Co-founder and Head of Economic Research at Trivium/China

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