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A Journey to Charisma: from Zero to Hero

Workshop on Communication Hacks & Storytelling Mastery

The Swedish Chamber in Shanghai is thrilled to invite the founder of The Storytelling Company, Larry Schuster, to teach us how to be a speaker who can influence! This workshop will bring you on a journey to charisma by taking you from boring to brilliant in 3 hours.

What is the one thing that can make you speak with charisma, the magic that rock star speakers radiate to connect with the audience? Actually, it's definitely not just one thing. Here's one very incomplete list:

Sticky ideas & likable phrases!







This is a formula used by world champions of public speaking. If you stay with it, it may bring out the artist in you. You'll find yourself carving away to eliminate excess words, and adding pauses where needed to highlight the good stuff. And you might find that you are are not just connecting with your audiences more than ever before. But imagine this golden gift. You too will become much more quotable, and people might remember your quotes days or even years after they heard your talk.

Two elements that leads to high ratings for charisma are hand gestures and vocal variety. An example is Simon Sinek in his TED Talk from September 2009, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action."

But if you take a closer look, his charisma was a result of much more than those two factors. It all started with his core idea, "Start with why." His message: people buy "why" you do something, not what or how you do it.

If he had a message no one could remember, or spoke without conviction, you can imagine he would have rated far lower on any scale of charisma. The speech would have lost much of its impact.

A tango dance instructor said that the difference between a simple unremarkable walk across the floor and an amazing dance performance is "a lot of little nothings." Each refinement in the dance was a small thing. But when you accumulate enough of these small nothings, the dance could be captivating, memorable.

A dance that dazzles and a speech that moves people. What do they have in common?

The path forward is full of a bunch of little nothings.

To deliver your next major speech with charisma, consider the journey forward is likely to be filled with a bunch of little nothings.

Workshop lessons will include:

  • How do you present ideas and quotes that are unforgettable (sticky)?
  • How do you create a snappy introduction to kick-start any meeting?
  • How do you deliver the perfect pitch in 60 seconds?
  • How do you transform a boring report into a story that wows?
  • When in crisis, how do you engage and involve others?
  • How do you bridge the gap between speaker and listener?

Join this workshop and learn how to communicate effectively with those around you, for improved productivity and relationships in every aspect of your lives. Good communication will help you build trust, prevent problems, provide clarity, increase engagement and promote team building. And along the way, if you communicated well, your listeners will leave your talk - feeling like heroes.

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"His storytelling techniques, and other advice and constructive way of teaching made it fun and easy to apply to my current workshops and talks. Thank you, Larry." - Karina Blancarte, Holistic Psychologist

"Larry and I worked together to prepare a pitch for over 200 investors, the end result being a deal worth half a million dollars. Through Larry's knowledge and creative approach to storytelling we crafted a convincing and entertaining narrative that energized a room full of people and sold investors on our vision." - Adam Place, startup CEO, Nusic, a music app.

"My challenge was to deliver information that most people are resistant to. So I knew I had to work harder and hire the best possible professional. Larry's experience was key to making my talks a success from day 1. - Rebecca Cappelli, independent film maker


08:45 - 12:00

21st of June


SwedCham Office

989 Changle road

The Center, 20th floor


Members: 280 RMB

Non-Members: 390 RMB

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About the Speaker

Larry Schuster

Shanghai Jiaotong University Global EBA, lecturer, trainer on public speaking.

The Storytelling Company, Founder and Chief Storytelling and presentation/speech coach for TEDx, entrepreneurs, executives, world champion athletes. And the champion inside you.

About the Company

The Shanghai-based Storytelling Company was founded by award-winning TED Talk speaker and coach Larry Schuster. Their mission is to help the world's most boring speakers (and everyone else) deliver engaging messages, spreadable ideas, and irresistible stories. Follow The Storytelling Company and learn to be a speaker who can influence.























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