On 29-30 August, 2024, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China invite our members and friends for a 2-day training in Beijing about Win-win Negotiation Skills.

In competitive markets, corporates often face the dilemma between excessive concessions and profits maintenance. Many corporates often make excessive concessions and end up unable to maintain profits. Win-win negotiation focus on the negotiation key factors and reasonably position the value of products and services, helping corporates maintain profits without excessive concessions, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation. This course is designed based on real negotiation scenarios, aims to help participants master win-win negotiation skills and strategies, help participants negotiate more efficiently and confidently.


Target Audience/目标学员

Front-line sales personnel and sales management personnel


Teaching Method/授课形式

Lecture, case study, group discussion, student exercise, video demo



Through this course, participants will be able to:

· Master essentials of negotiation

· Master 3 different negotiation styles and skills

· Master win-win negotiation strategies

· Negotiate more efficiently and confidently


· 掌握谈判要点

· 掌握3种不同的谈判方式及技巧

· 掌握公司和买方双赢的谈判策略

· 更加高效、自信地进行谈判


· Essentials of negotiation

o Negotiation reasons

o Two negotiator motivations

o Negotiator's understanding of "winning"

o Basic points of negotiation

o Three types of negotiation

· Preparation before negotiation

o BATAN: set goals

o Customer persona analysis

o Understand customer's buying strategies

o Concession strategies

o Prepare a checklist

· Competitive Negotiation

o Features of competitive negotiation

o Six core principles of negotiation

o Two actions beneficial to yourself

o Negotiation techniques and coping strategies

· Cooperative Negotiation

o Features of cooperative negotiation

o Conversion of sales to negotiation

o Five key behaviors

o Usage of three negotiation conditions

o Seven steps to discover other negotiation conditions

· Creative Negotiation

o Features of creative negotiation

o Customer's requirements and needs

o Analysis of customer's job and personal needs

o Three negotiation terms with exchange value

o Three steps of creative negotiation

· Summary: Application and Practice Forms (replicable, implementable, executable negotiation behavior, repeated practice and use in the course)

o Supporting forms

o Negotiation forms

o Ten key behaviors to cope with negotiation stress


· 谈判要点

o 为什么要谈判

o 谈判者的两种动机

o 谈判者对"赢"的理解

o 谈判的基本观点

o 三种谈判模式

· 谈判前的准备

o BATAN:设定目标

o 客户角色分析

o 了解客户的购买策略

o 让步策略

o 准备清单

· 竞争性谈判

o 竞争性谈判的特点

o 六种谈判核心原则

o 两种利已行为

o 谈判手法及应对策略

· 合作性谈判

o 合作性谈判的特点

o 销售与谈判的转换

o 五种关键行为

o 三种谈判条件的使用

o 发掘其它谈判条件的七部曲

· 创意性谈判

o 创意性谈判的特点

o 客户的要求与需求

o 客户职位需求与个人需求分析

o 三种有交换价值的谈判条件

o 运用创意谈判的三个步骤

· 总结:应用与实践表(可复制、可落地、可执行的谈判行为, 在课程当中多次反复练习使用)

o 辅助计划表

o 谈判计划表

o 应对谈判压力的十项关键行为

Trainer 讲师

Jason Wang

Linke Consulting Co., Ltd.

Date 日期

27 & 28 August, 2024


(Tuesday & Wednesday 周二和周三)

Time 时间

9:00 - 17:00, Beijing Time

Price 价格

Early Bird Member Ticket(1 person, standard price): 4200 RMB by August 2nd, 2024.

Member (1 person, standard price): 4800 RMB

Non-Member (1 person, standard price): 6000 RMB

Language 培训语言

The workshop will be held in Chinese.


Venue 地点

Swedcham Beijing office, No. 20, Xinyuanlixi, JinShangYuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Kindly notice 温馨提示

This course will only be held if we have more than 15 participants joining in.

本次课程仅在有15 位以上学员报名的情况下才会开班

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than seven (7) business days prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for the training costs.

Fapiao (VAT Invoice)

Apply fapiao when purchasing a ticket, by inputting the Chinese entity name and tax ID (if the title is wrong, you will be unable to receive the Fapaio). Make sure your IT has whitelisted the domain "XX@hlzrkj.xyz​. E-Fapiao will be sent to your e-mail within 7 days after completed event (check spam folder). If the fapiao can not be received, please provide an alternative email or contact finance@swedcham.cn.


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