We are delighted to announce the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China's upcoming full-day training in Suzhou (苏州) on "Effective Communication in Project Management" on 19th July 2024.


As a project leader, a role that often leads without authority, have you ever run into one of these dilemmas?

· At an important project meeting, the more you want to impress your stakeholders, the more off the meeting goes…

· Your project requires extra support from top management, yet the key stakeholders are too busy to attend meetings or even to read your emails…

· A team member frequently delays on task delivery, but you are not comfortable giving direct feedbacks as you are not his/her line manager…

· Stakeholders may have different opinions on the project, you realize that it is too difficult to convince people with different positions and backgrounds…

· In multi-national companies, most projects require stakeholders from different nations, but it seems difficult to form close relationship with them due to cultural differences…

· In the post-pandemic era, must of your team communication happens online, but it seems more challenging to express yourself properly and accurately via chatting apps, emails, and virtual meetings…

This is a practical training designed to help participants communicate clearly and effectively in 6 project-based situations, especially difficult situations where leading without authority is needed. This is not a theoretical training on how effective communication works or what phycological tricks are behind it, instead, it focuses on practical techniques which could bring visible improvements in class.


· 在重要的项目会议上,你想要给关键干系人留下好印象,但往往越重视,越适得其反…

· 项目需要管理层的支持,但是相关领导太忙,没有时间参加会议,甚至没时间回复邮件…

· 项目组员经常不按时交付,但你并不是他的直线经理,因此难以给出直接的意见和建议…

· 干系人对项目有着不同想法,但你发现要说服不同背景和立场的人实在太难…

· 外企中很多项目需要和不同国家的干系人打交道,但因为不熟悉对方的文化背景和沟通习惯往往难以建立紧密的关系…

· 在后疫情时代,多数团队沟通在线上发生,但似乎通过聊天软件、邮件、线上会议很难准确表达自己…


Target Audience/目标学员

Project managers, entry-level to mid-level management staff who are frequently involved in projects



Through this course, participants will be able to:

· Understand the key elements of project-based communication

· Master the techniques for effective project-based communication

· Achieve visible improvement on project-based communication


· 理解基于项目沟通的要素

· 掌握基于项目高效沟通的技巧

· 收获基于项目沟通能力的显著提升


Efficient expression and communication in project management

In this section, we will introduce the importance and basic requirements of efficient expression through an interesting interactive game. Based on interactive Q&A, summarize the characteristics of communication in project management and explain the differences between communication in the project and other types of communication. (including interactive game and Q&A)

Communication techniques in six Project Management situations

· Project presentation technique

In this section, we will introduce a simple and easy to understand effective presentation technique: VIBE, which emphasizes the precautions for making public speeches in the project from four aspects: voice, information, body language, and emotions. (Including group exercises)

· Project escalation technique

Timely access to external resources and support is crucial in project management. In this section, we will introduce a special project escalation technique: Elevator Speech, which can play an important role when stakeholders are too busy to provide timely support. (Including group exercises)

· Project feedback technique

In a healthy project environment, project managers team members may need to provide and receive feedback and suggestions frequently in order to drive project progress. In this section, we will introduce the basic requirements for the sender and receiver of feedback suggestions, as well as a technique that can improve the effectiveness of feedback suggestions: the Hamburg principle. (Including group exercises)

· Skills to gain support from stakeholder

Stakeholders from different backgrounds may have different attitudes towards project work due to their naturally different positions. In this section, we will introduce the general process of convincing stakeholders, so that project managers can smoothly obtain support from people from different backgrounds (including group exercises)

· Cross-cultural communication technique

When encountering stakeholders from different countries, it is often difficult to establish close relationships due to unfamiliarity with each other's cultural background and communication habits. In this section, we will introduce the three major challenges of cross-cultural communication and lead students to overcome them one by one, allowing them to easily establish friendly relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds (including group exercises)

· Online communication technique

In today's environment, online communication has become a part of project management and even daily work. In this section, we will introduce the techniques and precautions for online communication through chat software, email, and video conferencing to ensure the accuracy of online communication and improve its efficiency. (Including group exercises)

Review and Summary

Assignment: communication skill practice in WeChat group for 4 weeks




· 项目中的演讲技巧


· 项目中的汇报技巧


· 项目中的反馈技巧


· 获取干系人支持技巧


· 跨文化沟通技巧


· 线上沟通技巧




Trainer 讲师

Nadya Liu, Founder, Linke Consulting

Read more about Linke Consulting here​

Date 日期

19 July, 2024

Time 时间

9:00 - 17:00, Beijing Time

Price 价格

Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 2650

Non-Member (1 person, standard price): RMB 4650

"Early-bird" tickets for Members: RMB 2350 (Register before May 24)

Small (3 people) & large group (10 people) tickets are also available, please contact jonatan@swedcham.cn for more info about group ticket.

Language 培训语言

The workshop will be held in Chinese.


Venue 地点

苏州千琇悦酒店,3楼多功能厅1, Function Room 1, 3F, M Social Suzhou


Kindly notice 温馨提示

This course will only be held if we have more than 12 guests joining in.


Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than seven business days prior to the event. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for the training costs.

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Apply fapiao when purchasing a ticket, by inputting the Chinese entity name and tax ID (if the title is wrong, you will be unable to receive the Fapaio). Make sure your IT has whitelisted the domain "XX@hlzrkj.xyz​. E-Fapiao will be sent to your e-mail within 7 days after completed event (check spam folder). If the fapiao can not be received, please provide an alternative email or contact finance@swedcham.cn.

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