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Intercultural competence is a must for future leaders.

Cross culture collaboration and management require approaches suitable for local culture to improve team performance. The noise in communication and collaboration is largely related to cultural differences, culture plays a very important role in high and low context. Incentives, decision-making, and power structures also differ due to cultural differences. Cross cultural awareness is the foundation for managing cross cultural team and demonstrating cross-cultural leadership. Business strategy in cross culture market need to be localized. Consumers in different countries and regions have different perceptions, motivations, decision-making and buying behaviors and preferences for marketing communication methods, so the value proposition, brand positioning, and market strategy and promotion strategy are different.

Chinese Culture Adaption is a crucial aspect of doing business in China, as it involves understanding and respecting the unique cultural norms and practices of the country. It requires individuals and organizations to be sensitive to hierarchical structures, collectivist values, and the concept of "face" in Chinese society. Adapting to Chinese culture also involves building strong guanxi (relationships) with key stakeholders, as personal connections and trust play a vital role in business interactions. Furthermore, language proficiency and knowledge of Chinese etiquette and customs are essential for effective communication and building meaningful relationships. Successful Chinese Culture Adaption enables individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of the Chinese market, form long-lasting partnerships, and achieve sustainable business growth.

SwedCham China is delighted to offer a 3-hour online training on the topic of "Cross-Cultural Leadership: Chinese Culture Adaption" for expatriates working in China and their spouses, HRs from FIE.

Welcome to join us for this interesting topic on May 28th!

Target Audience

Expatriates working in China and their spouses, HRs from FIE.

Teaching Method

Lectures, case study, group discussion, student exercise


Through this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance cross-cultural awareness and quickly adapt to Chinese culture
  • Understand Chinese culture's impact to communication, management and business
  • Accountable tool to understand culture preferences b/w yourself and China
  • Understand how to develop the strategy to adapt to Chinese culture


Colorful Culture

  • Wired or different?
  • Culture's definition, Iceberg model
  • Unconscious bias
  • 3R model

Chinese Culture

  • Chinese Culture in my eyes
  • 6D culture model to understand Chinese mind set and values

How to collaborate with Chinese colleagues

  • Chinese Culture's original
  • How to work with Chinese colleagues

How to lead Chinese team for business

  • Decision making
  • Motivation
  • Business environment

Turn knowledge into action

  • Accountable tools to assess your culture preference comparing with Chinese Culture
  • Communication strategy with Chinese colleagues

Event info


May 28, 2024



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1530 RMB for Member Individual Ticket (Group with 5 persons)


In English


A Microsoft Teams meeting link will be shared to all registered participants one day before the event.

Please kindly note

the training will open when the registration number meets the requirement of Minimum 13 participants.

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