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The SwedCham is happy to invite all parents who are interested in this online Parenting Program provided by the SwedCham's company member Clas Ohlson and the courses are designed by CCR CSR. The courses cover different topics around parent-child relations starting from July 6th to July 10th from 20:00 to 21:30.

Welcome to sign up for below 2 online sessions or share the information with your employees, business partners or whom you believe will benefit more working parents. This is Free of Charge event for all company members, their working partners and suppliers. The courses will be presented in Chinese.


Clas Ohlson has been working together with Save the Children and CCR CSR (The Center for Child Rights and CSR, a social enterprise founded by Save the Children) since 2014 to initiate Wecare program to support migrant workers and their children. In WeCare program, trainings are provided to Clas Ohlson's suppliers and their workers on how to be a parent on a distance. In some factories, Clas Ohlson also set up child friendly spaces to allow children to visit their parents on holidays.

During the last three-year period, over 90 factories and some 1,500 migrant workers have participated in parenting trainings, affecting some 2,240 children.

"The trainings are important to help with parenting on distance, to safeguard the rights of the child, and the management are often a part of the trainings. It's also a good thing for creating dialog between workers and management because they are also parents, " says Mandy Liu, CSR Manager in China.

Clas Ohlson will continue Wecare program in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the program this year will initially focus on how to handle the current situation, adapt to digital trainings, digital activities, offer and use of smart watches to have instant distance communication between children and migrant parents and online information and advice on distant parenting.

Thank you Clas Ohlson and CCR CSR for providing this online program to all our company members.

Part 1: Digital migrant parents training (2 sessions, Time: From July 6th to July 7th, 20:00-21:30

A live webinar series will be offered to all interested migrant parents, via a WeChat-based conference call.

  • Dealing with stressful times and anxiety
  • Supporting your children who are dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Home schooling your children
  • Hygiene and health during Covid-19
  • Making the most of your time with your child

Part 2: Digital parent-child activities (3 sessions, Time: From July 8th to July 10th, 20:00 )

The main goal of this component is to strengthen parent-child relationships by facilitating interaction while also giving parents an opportunity to understand their children better. By using a live-streaming platform, this session also has a community element that enables participants to connect with other families and feel less isolated.

  • Get to know each other better
  • Play and learn together
  • My wishes for you

Who should attend?

All parents no matter are working in a company office or on the front line of a supplier factory. This series will help them to improve their parent-child relationship and release their pressure from the current situation.

Fee: Free of Charge

Language: In Chinese


中国瑞典商会非常感谢企业会员 Clas Ohlson(遨盛) 赞助支持,由 CCR CSR (瑞联稚博儿童权利与企业社会责任中心)开发的亲子教育系列课程!此课程将免费呈现给所有瑞典商会企业会员家长朋友们以此帮助大家缓解压力!


亲子教育课程,时间 20:00-21:30, 腾讯会议平台

  • 7月6日周一 20:00-21:30 亲子培训
  • 7月7日周二 20:00-21:00 亲子培训
  • 7月8日周三 20:00 亲子活动
  • 7月9日周四 20:00 亲子活动
  • 7月10日周五 20:00 亲子活动


  • 希望改善亲子关系,获得集体鼓励和心理支持, 无论是在公司办公室,还是供应商工厂一线工作的所有父母朋友们,欢迎分享给有需要的父母们,在线报名!

活动费用: 全程免费

课程语言: 中文交流



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