Are you confident enough in Public Presentation during a physical or virtual meeting with your customer or boss?

Publich speaking is a skill that every professional must acquire. However, most people tend to lose their "audience" because they have poor public speaking methods and lacking of practices.

SwedCham is very delighted to invite our popular coach Mr. David Qi, who has been teaching public speaking for 11 years, found that public speaking performances are deeply related to our brains. The left brain makes us analytical while the right brain makes us compassionate.

An outstanding speaker is good at using strategies from both sides in public speaking. But many can only use a single left-brain or right-brain method to speak and cannot attract the audience. David Qi will use a one-day workshop to teach you how to activate your left and right brain expressions, to have a smooth and wonderful speech in public, and most importantly, how to speak to your audience's heart!

Welcome to sign up for this full day workshop presented in Chinese on June 26th! Lunch box and coffee breaks will be arranged.

The training will cover:

  1. How to avoid being nervous in public speaking
  2. Do you tend to use the left brain or the right brain to speak?
  3. Three tips to hold audiences' attention at the beginning of each presentation
  4. How to use the logical left brain to structure your presentation
  5. How to use the imaginative right brain to make your presentation vivid
  6. How to use the compassion of the right brain to speak to the audience's heart
  7. How to use body language to improve your confidence

About the speaker

David Qi

Author of bestseller The Whole-Brain Speech

National Champion of Chinese and English Speech by Toastmasters International

TEDx Speaker Coach

Presentation trainer for CEO and Fortune 500 company

Lecturer on Ximalaya podcast

Public speaking trainer for celebrities: Huang Shengyi, Yang Rong, Wang Dalu, etc.

11 years teaching experience

Event info

Date: June 25th

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Venue: To be confirmed

Price:1588 RMB/ Member; 1988 RMB/Non-member

Registration before: June 17th, 2021

Language: Chinese

Please note: The full-day workshop will be only held if at least 10 participants or more sign up by the 17th of June, 2021.

当众讲话是每个职场人必备的能力,比如工作汇报,会议发言,项目呈现,求职应聘。但是,大部分人当众讲话时,常因说不到重点,讲的不够精彩,而丢掉了听众。有很多职场人士,明明准备了很久上台讲话,但表达的效果却差强人意, 不熟悉演讲工具与技巧。你是否也面临这些不同困扰?

中国瑞典商会诚邀从事11年当众演讲表达教学的大卫祁老师作为此次培训讲师。 经大卫祁老师发现,当众讲话好的表达者,擅长两种表达方法,分别是左脑的理性表达右脑的感性表达。左脑表达让你晓之以理,右脑表达让你动之以情,但是很多人只会用单一的左脑或右脑方式去说话,无法吸引听众。大卫祁老师会用一天的工作坊亲自带领大家练习当众讲话,激发并帮助你启动左右脑表达,让你把话说的精彩,一开口就能打动人心!


1. 如何告别当众讲话紧张

2. 你是左脑表达还是右脑表达?

3. 三个方法让你开场hold住听众

4. 左脑结构力让你表达逻辑清晰

5. 右脑联想力让你讲话形象生动

6. 右脑共情力让你瞬间打动听众

7. 如何提高你的当众讲话气场












时间:09:00 - 17:00


价格:1588 元/ 会员; 1988 元/非会员 (含午餐及咖啡茶 )





  • David Qi (畅销书《全脑演讲》作者; 明星演讲教练,曾辅导黄圣依、杨蓉、王大陆演讲; 国际演讲协会中英文演讲双料全国冠军)

    David Qi

    畅销书《全脑演讲》作者; 明星演讲教练,曾辅导黄圣依、杨蓉、王大陆演讲; 国际演讲协会中英文演讲双料全国冠军

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